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Letter from the Board President | Henderson Historical Society - Nevada

Lou LaPorta

Lou LaPorta, President, CEO

When our City of Henderson celebrated a milestone 50th anniversary and shared the stories of the past many residents and visitors alike wanted to know more about the history of this great desert city.

Henderson started as Federal enclave town and plant with more than 10,000 people residing in the town site then known by its secret code name, as Plancor 201H. Employment was at the Basic Magnesium Plant and the focus was on supporting the war effort by producing magnesium for aircraft and armaments during World War II.

When the war ended and the plant ceased production the town site should have been abandoned but people liked living here and wanted to stay so many of these “pioneering” families were instrumental in seeing to the transition of Plancor 201H to what we now know as the City of Henderson.

We know that people of all ages are curious and passionate and want to know about the historical past. These “history buffs” are visionaries who help us see where we are going by remembering where we came from.

The purpose of the Henderson Historical Society is to encourage and foster public awareness and pride in the City of Henderson and to preserve the stories of the past. The Society will do its part to help the City pass on our heritage to future generations by preserving historical places, events, and oral stories — because we must remember the historical past to grasp the future.

It’s thrilling to uncover the stories of the past — isn’t it inspiring to know that President John F. Kennedy said Henderson is a “city of destiny”? — and we hope you will join in the fun as we explore and remember our shared historical past and future.