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Alice Martz

Alice Martz was born and raised in Jamestown, ND. Her parents were Gust and Lois Newport Nitschke. She graduated from Carrington High School in her hometown.

Alice was a longtime resident of Henderson, NV where she is fondly remembered for her service as the Chief Executive Officer for the Henderson Chamber of Commerce from 1995-2011 and for her support for The Salvation Army of Henderson.
During her years at The Henderson Chamber of Commerce Alice became good friends with Lou LaPorta and his family. Lou credited Alice for much of the drive behind the founding of the HHS to Alice Martz. He said she wanted him to write a book about Henderson. He declined to do that but suggested that the two of them collaborate on the founding of an historical society the like of which he recalled from his boyhood days in his home State of New York. Alice agreed and the rest is history.

At the time of her passing Lou said of Alice that she will be remembered for her good works as a leader at the Henderson Chamber and The Historical Society. He credited Alice for her determination to establish a focus at the HHS that would encourage a remembrance of our City’s History, born in the defense of our Country in WWII.