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Pepcon explosion, 25 years later

Published: May 7, 2013 – | Comments Off on Pepcon explosion, 25 years later

The City of Henderson is about to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the tragic PEPCON explosion. An industrial accident that reminds long-time residents of the recent disaster in West, Texas.

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Three Kids Mine

Three Kids Mine

Published: April 9, 2012 – | Comments Off on Three Kids Mine

The Manganese Ore (AKA) Three Kids Mine has a battle born history from 1917-1961.

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Rick Watson in front of Hermits Cave

The Hermit of Henderson Swamp

Published: February 29, 2012 – | Comments Off on The Hermit of Henderson Swamp

“I am amazed at the development – Especially Lake of Las Vegas. I wonder if the Hermit’s Ghost is hanging around?”

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Water Street Shops

Inspiration for An American Journey

Published: October 17, 2011 – | Comments Off on Inspiration for An American Journey

by Monica Martinez Simmons Inspired by a strong sense of community and a deep pride for my hometown—An American Journey

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Magnesium Maggie

Published: October 11, 2011 – | Comments Off on Magnesium Maggie

Most people have heard of Rosie the Riveter, but on a local level, Southern Nevada had its own version of

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