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Henderson Designated as WWII Heritage City

Crewman of the Memphis Belle at BMIThe National Park Service designated Boulder City & Henderson as an American World War II Heritage City (AWWIIHC). The program recognizes the contributions of communities and commemorates the stories of those who shaped the U.S. home front during World War II and still impact our country today.  Boulder City and Henderson were selected for their proximity to Hoover Dam, availability of hydroelectric power and water, and magnesium production. Only one American World War II Heritage City can be designated in each state or territory, but Boulder City and Henderson applied for the designation together in a unique collaboration. 

Crewman of the Memphis Belle at BMI

Boulder City and the City of Henderson both saw an increase in military activity during World War II. According to the AWWIIHC website:
 “A U.S. Army post was established in Boulder City in 1941 to protect the dam from enemy sabotage. The post was staffed by a battalion of military police that, at its peak, included 27 officers and more than 700 enlisted men. Hoover Dam also provided cheap hydroelectric power and an abundant water supply that attracted industrial development and transformed the surrounding desert into a center of wartime defense manufacturing.” 

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