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    September 15, 1941 is the groundbreaking ceremony for the Basic Magnesium Incorporated (BMI) and over 13,000 workers move into a tent city outside of the BMI plant. By January 10, 1944, the Basic Townsite is officially renamed Henderson and the BMI plant produces more than 166,322,685 pounds of magnesium ingots for the war effort.

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    Postwar housing shortages in Las Vegas sparks Henderson’s growth. The Henderson Betterment Group commits to building recreation facilities that will attract families. On April 16, 1953, the City of Henderson, Nevada is officially incorporated.

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    January 1963 is the groundbreaking for Henderson City Hall. Congress passes the Henderson Land Bill, which doubles the size of the city. The Lake Adair project stalemates.

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    Green Valley development is approved. BMI plant is modernized to produce boron trichloride for the US Air Force and NASA. In 1972, Clark County Community College begins conducting classes in Henderson. Levi Strauss & Company opens its doors in 1977.

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    Henderson experiences rapid expansion. Suburban residential development replaces heavy industrial growth. The Henderson Convention Center is built in 1982. May 4, 1988 fire destroys the PEPCON plant.