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“We must remember the past to grasp the future.”

Henderson, Nevada - Then and NowHenderson, Nevada, Then and Now™ is our new ongoing project featuring before and after versions of town development. From its earliest beginnings to what it is today to visions of the future. The HHS is currently looking to tell stories of Henderson through a timeline of pictures. Got old photos of an deserted dirt lot before it became a store? Or a single house on a street with no neighbors? Let’s track the evolution of our city’s progress together. What have we learned from that experience? How will a look back in time help us grow in the future?

We invite you dig out your old scrapbook and send us your photos as you remember Henderson. Our goal is to create an interactive “timescape” scrapbook exhibit.

Sending images and captions is easy. Go to our Story Submissions page to submit stories online, or contact a Henderson, Nevada Historical Society staff member to help you.

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