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The Water Street Historic Walking Tour

The history of any city develops over time and taking time to explore Henderson’s history on foot, is one of the best ways to truly get to know how and why Henderson grew into the town President John F. Kennedy called the “city of destiny.”

The Water Street Historic Walking Tour allows you to stroll through Henderson’s history at your own pace. A self-guided tour that lends itself to a leisurely, thought-provoking journey through time, the Water Street Historic Walking Tour explores the birth of Henderson from its industrialized period in the 1940s to the vibrant, modern city it is today.  Learn more about the historic buildings and locations that supported Henderson’s growth.  Uncover facts and tidbits about the people and places that contributed to Henderson’s place in history as an educational, governmental, business, industrial, patriotic, and recreational leader.

Take a walk though time, engage your mind, and uncover the many layers of history that make up the fabric of our fair city.