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Remembering Alice Martz

Alice Martz, Vice President

Alice Martz, Vice President

Alice will be missed and greatly admired for her “good works” she accomplished. She loved her family immensely and enjoyed her leadership ability for the Chamber and our Society.

The sequence upon her retirement, Alice was determined to continue her concern to remember our unique City’s History born in the defense of our Country in WW II. On February 11, 2011 with members she knew joined the effort and the Henderson Historical Society began to function in record time.

At our meeting September 8, 2015 we eulogized Alice with a moment of reflection in silence-on Alice’s “good works” Alice will be remembered for the love she had for her family, community and society.

We also recited St. John Paul II “Blessings to Sanctify Works” “Work is a good thing for man-a good thing for his humanity-because through work man not only transforms nature, adapting it to his own needs, but he also archives fulfillment as a human being and indeed, in a sense becomes more human being.”

On behalf of our Society, we will honor Alice on our Society’s website. Thank you again for your kindness and thoughtfulness.

Sincerely and God’s Blessings.


Louis F. LaPorta


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